Being mommy means showing up everyday with a full heart, ready to give your best, even when you think you have no energy for it. Sometimes I gather strength from other blogs and quotes or friends who seem to be balancing this "mom" thing better than me. Sometimes I just smile and laugh even though I feel like I need to cry, but as many of my fellow friend/mommies have told me, it does get easier, and they do learn not to throw their food anymore. I do want my little guy to know that I will be there for him everyday and for every event and for all of the good and bad things that life will throw at him. When I see this smile, it makes it all worth it.  This was a big day for the little guy because he learned to go "down" the stairs, although the last step ended with a fall. I was there to let him know that it will be ok and life does move on. 



02/23/2011 09:39

I love it Angie. I know all too well what it's like to laugh when you really want to cry...I think us moms are more alike than we care to admit. It's our kiddos that make us strong for sure.

02/23/2011 12:37

thanks for nice to have great moms in this area!


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