I absolutely LOVED this quote from the movie, The Help. I didn't remember it so much from the book, but when I finally saw the movie, it stuck with me. It really did bring tears to my eyes. This character, Aibileen, had so much love for that child. She didn't have to love those children like her own. She was treated like an animal, but she wanted that little girl to grow up loving herself. It made me think of myself as a mother, and what I say to  my little guy everyday. Words are important, and children should hear that they are smart and important. They need to know that they matter. Do you have a little saying that you say to your children?

Today, the 2nd day of January, we went for a little stroll to feed the geese. This is always a nice activity to "break" up the day or for a little "pressure valve" release (from Simplicity Parenting). The weather was colder than usual, but we enjoyed the fresh air. It's about 50 today, which is definitley fine with us! We are from Michigan, and would usually have snow at this time of year. These little strolls make me so happy to be home with my little one during the day. It also goes along with the "spend 15 minutes outside daily" challenge!

We made the geese happy too!

Happy New Year!! Oh how I LOVE a clean slate. I love the possibility of new beginnings and new goals. I've decided to try a blog "challenge" which is to post a new picture everyday! I thought it would be a great document of 2012 as well. It will also keep me focused on the "good" things in my life, the simple things that sometimes I forget to cherish!

Picture from the first day of the year! Jayce climbing the stairs to one of his favorite slides in the neighborhood park. Seems like a great metaphor for the beginning of the year! Cheers to a new year...sometimes we just have to take one step at a time, and soon we will be at the top!

I grew up with 2 sisters; one older, one younger. I'm sandwiched right between 2 people who care about me a lot. I feel lucky. I'm also living right in the middle of them. The older resides in Michigan, the younger resides in Florida. I miss them deeply. There were so many days growing up that I wished them away (for the day), all sisters do that. We shared a floor and one small bathroom. There was hair pulling and name calling (of course), but there was lots of laughing, giggling, game playing, and caring. I will always remember when the oldest had to go to Kindergarten and I lost my playdate and my strength. I would wait for her at the end of the sidewalk, and loved looking at  her school work (I was 3). I will also never forget when the younger arrived, I got a new "baby" to play with (I was 8).

 These girls defined me. They "get" me. I can be silly around them, and I love that. The youngest will be married soon and we get to be silly together again. I look forward to that. Life with 2 sisters can be messy, but it's also very comforting knowing that I will always have 2 best friends that won't go away.

One of the many activities to keep the little one busy during the day. I do love painting with him though because he seems to really enjoy it and we review the colors. He seems to like "black" the best. He says it like bllllack, really emphasising the "L" sound. It's funny. The blends are hard to get sometimes, so I'm happy to see that he's getting that. The painting also helps with hand-eye coordination. As I'm writing this, he comes up to me and says, "See Deece, painting." I think he tries to say his name, but it comes out as "Deece."

Wow! Time is sure flying around here. I love that we can spend more time outside. This weather is amazing! We certainly get outside and play all of the time now. The little guy even learned a new word, "hiking." We took some hikes around the smoky mountains and even went to the highest point called Clingman's Dome. I love sharing new experiences with my little family. Our next adventure will be Florida! I'm sure we'll see a lot of "Mickey" and Jayce will get to spend some time with Aunt Jodi and meet some new family members. The weather continues to get hotter, we are looking forward to visiting the ocean soon too. We will miss those lakes up in Michigan though! Happy Spring!

Is it really April already? Wow, time sure is flying around here. I'm on toddler time I guess. Which means life just goes in circles all day and then you realize it's 11pm and the dishes need to be done and laundry is out the door, and you wonder if you've showered yet. It's all very wonderful though, and I'm very thankful that I can enjoy just one child right now. I'm amazed at other moms who do this all day with 2 or 3! Moms are just amazing to me.

Well, now that it's April, the weather is certainly wonderful down here in the South. We are defintely spending lots of time out-of-doors learning about trees, pinecones, leaves, geese, water, and getting some jogs in here and there. I love exploring with the little guy. He certainly LOVES running around outside too. We found a big field the other day, and stumbled upon a lovely dandelion...

The little things in life sure do make it all worth it!

Wow, it's been almost 21 months since the little guy was born. I'm finally feeling like we are settling into a nice little life. He won't really remember this, but since July 7th of 2009, we've lived in 3 states and 4 places. So little JT I wonder what you will remember.

I hope you remember...

-all the cool parks we've visited, and that I would push you in the swing and say "weeee."
-all the great food we've let you try although your favorite so far being blueberries, black beans, and cottage cheese.
-visiting Michigan and meeting your Great-Grandmother aka Nanny and how she made you laugh.
-digging in the dirt and all the little nature walks we take.
-Doing the "Hokey Pokey" together in the kitchen.
-all of the books that Daddy reads to you in the evening.
-that we show up for you everyday and do our best to allow you to explore the world and learn that life is a very beautiful thing.

In these 20 months, my life has changed so much. It's amazing how one little person can impact your life in such a wonderful way. Thanks for teaching me something everyday little guy! I'll be here for you everyday with a new little piece of life to show you too.

First of all, I want to apologize in advance for any errors you might find on my blog. I'm very grateful that you are even reading my crazy posts. I'm doing this all for fun and to get into the blogging world again. I find blogging very fascinating. I'm amazed that some have even created a career out of it. I'm just using it as a creative outlet. Although, I'm realizing that my dreams have become more stressful as I add more projects in my life. Well, this "project" was meant to help me relax. I do enjoy it though. So, I won't really call it a project. I've been thinking a lot about gratitude and being more thankful for what is in my life. Sometimes life can get the best of us and we forget how lovely it is.

I'm so grateful for my life, although it does take "action" to get somewhere. I'm making an effort to achieve more adundance in my life through action and gratitude. Today, I did what the FlyLady (www.flylady.net) says, which is to get dressed all the way down to the shoes and shine your sink daily. I love shining my sink, it's just one simple thing that I know I can accomplish.  This sounds so silly to some, but when you are home all day, things can start to pile up and having order to me is so important.

My life has changed so much since I've decided to stay home with my son. I was so use to schedules, meetings, lesson plans, order, and accountability when I was working full-time. Now, I am working full-time but in a different way. I have to create the order and accountability for  myself.  Anyway, this post is about gratitude, so I have to say how thankful that I am to have this opportunity to be home with my son and have a little business on the side (www.mysilpada.com/angie.gajewski).  I am learning as I go! I'd love to hear how you manage it all or what is on your gratitude list!!
One of our favorite snacks around here lately is a blueberry smoothie. Actually, it's blueberry anything for the little guy. He LOVES frozen blueberries!

The recipe:
I usually throw some in frozen fruit, a kid's yogurt drink, a little milk,  some ice, and blend it up!
It's always funny and cute to see how little guy will slurp it up.

Here's a "happymess" for you today!


Searching for a blueberry...