Today I decided to get dressed and clean. It's been a couple of days. Being sick has not been fun, but with a toddler you can't call in sick.
The cleaning started with the kitchen: floors, stove, stainless steel. Then on to windows. The sun was beaming in and it was nice to wipe away the little finger prints and let more sunshine in. Of course with a little one you have to stop and play. We played with magnets on a cookie sheet today and watched a little bit of "Follow that Bird." The cleaning also included spot cleaning the carpet, and picking up crumbs off the wood floor (JT decided to dump his crackers on the floor). Along with that, DVDs had to be picked up, laundry done, and dusting of the bedrooms. And to top it off, taking out the garbage and changing diapers. Little guy is down for a nap and mom is enjoying a cup of coffee. My favorite cleaning product today is multi-use pledge wipes!! Do you have a fave cleaning product??


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