Tonight I will be heading out for a much needed night out! I've realized after having a child that getting out of the house is a much needed commodity. I would like to have a date with my husband, to sit at the bar again, sip some wine, enoy an appetizer or 2...gaze into each other's eyes, and walk hand and hand through the city. That's another post though, tonight I'm headed out with the ladies, other mommies. Mommies who trade in their yoga pants and flip flops for the day and put on something that looks like night-life attire of some sort. I've thought about what to wear, and my closet is full of nothing of the sort. I don't have anything sparkly or ruffly anymore. My wardrobe contains about 20 pairs of black yoga/stretch pants, tanks and tunic-style shirts. I'm sure there is something back there though, something that is probably two sizes too small, or just a little too young looking. Oh well! I'll put on some jewelry, dust off my one pair of dressier jeans, throw on my black boots, and head out to a real restaurant. A place that doesn't have high-chairs and crayons, and enjoy a glass of wine with some lovely ladies!  In the mean-time I'm going to work on planning a night out with the husband too.

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