Two Sisters - happymess
I grew up with 2 sisters; one older, one younger. I'm sandwiched right between 2 people who care about me a lot. I feel lucky. I'm also living right in the middle of them. The older resides in Michigan, the younger resides in Florida. I miss them deeply. There were so many days growing up that I wished them away (for the day), all sisters do that. We shared a floor and one small bathroom. There was hair pulling and name calling (of course), but there was lots of laughing, giggling, game playing, and caring. I will always remember when the oldest had to go to Kindergarten and I lost my playdate and my strength. I would wait for her at the end of the sidewalk, and loved looking at  her school work (I was 3). I will also never forget when the younger arrived, I got a new "baby" to play with (I was 8).

 These girls defined me. They "get" me. I can be silly around them, and I love that. The youngest will be married soon and we get to be silly together again. I look forward to that. Life with 2 sisters can be messy, but it's also very comforting knowing that I will always have 2 best friends that won't go away.

8/8/2012 02:55:39

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