My little one is turning 2 in 4 months. This seems like it's coming up so fast. I'm starting to think about party ideas, which is another post. Lately, at playdates, many moms have asked me which preschool will my little guy be attending. Really? School? Already! Ahhh!! That stresses me out a bit. I'm still trying to get on track with this little guy's sleeping and eating habits. Now I have to start thinking about school choices. Oh no! I told my husband that we need to start looking around too. He was also shocked. I think we'll wait a bit. There's no rush to push this one out of the nest just yet. Stay tuned for this saga though.

Crazy right?! I NEVER thought I'd start Lane in school at age 2, but then baby #2 came along and well, we ALL need school now! Enjoy him at home for as long as you can!


Thanks Angela! I like the idea of a few days a week, it's just coming up so fast,and there's waiting lists...ahhh! I'm sure I'll come to you for some advice soon.


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